Friday, January 25, 2008

From the Man Himself...

From the Man himself:
Joseph Mallozzi said...
Watchmen is my favorite (limited) comic book series of all time.
How was Rorschach?

Hey Joe! - I read your blog everyday, and please forgive me for totally ripping off your format!! Being a true comic book fan, it's also my favorite, that's why I'm scared to death to work on it - I'll be starting first week of february on the project and I'll let you know :)

In the meantime I didn't know if you saw this already, but the pic of Rorschach was inserted into 1 frame of the 300 trailer. Looks just like the comic. We'll see how it goes.

Again for all of you who don't know who Joe is, he's one of the executive producers on Stargate - so if you're a Stargate fan, but don't know about his blog, go there now!!!

If you look above, there's a pic of the mega lithograph I did. That litho was meant to be a cover for the first Dreamwave Transformers TPB. I came to Dreamwave with the idea to put as many Transformers as possible on a cover to break for most characters on the cover. George Perez and Alex Ross hold that record for the cover of Crisis on Infinite Earths TPB which boasted over 500 characters.

I succeeded in making an image with over 600 characters – but it was never made into a cover!!! Maybe a good thing – would have been hard to read as a cover anyways. Instead the image was cut up into 12 pin-ups that connect to one giant litho.

My approach to it was that I completely laid out all the important characters, and every month I would do two pieces each on top of my Armada work. It makes me respect George Perez even more, because he finished penciling his cover in three weeks!! But it's something I treasure, and I only have one copy of the litho.

Anywho, I'll have to keep this a bit brief today, my wife is off and she needs my help to clean out the basement. We're selling our house to move completely to the west coast. Hey if anyone's in the GTA area and needs a house, check it out here: don't live here anymore, so you can't come by and look for an autograph (lol)!

Pictures today:
1) A still from the 300 trailer of the main character in the Watchmen film Rorschach.

2) My Mega Lithograph

3) Inked version of my Beast Wars #2 Cover for IDW publishing. I love drawing Magmatron...

4) My little girl listening to some tunes, and my cleavage (man I need to lose weight)...

Again I'm reserving the questions about artwork and drawing for the weekend. It'll be a two parter and I'll answer your drawing questions then.

Mister Oragahn from the forums at asks:
"Are you allowed to say what you've worked on? like artworks, sceneries, ships..."and he also asks:"Do they give you a chart of starship sizes?"

I worked on Ships and some concept design. Which ones? Not telling!!!Well...not yet anyways. When it comes to sizes I believe there are charts but don't quote me on that - but each ship you see does have a definite dimention and size. We do build the ships to scale in the 3D programs we use. So for example if the ship is 1 mile long we build it 1 mile long in the computer.

rlr149 from the forums at asks:
"nice pics, now wheres the insider info on continuum?"

Now with Joe watching my blog - none!!! Ha Ha! Okay, I got an idea. Ask me anything specific you want to know about the movie and I'll get the answer for you - if I'm allowed. Deal?

Chris asks:
"...what did you think of the (Transformers) movie?"

Perfect. I honestly couldn't ask for more. Of course all of us would have loved to see designs closer to the original G1, however from the announcement of this project, I think all of us knew it would not work. Some of us have seen designs that were closer to them, however to me they just didn't feel like they would work.
Now I need to get a job on this movie - it would be a true fan's dream. I'm thinking that during my Watchmen work, on the side I'll start modelling some tf's and posting them here. What would you guys suggest I start with?

Anywho, TGIF guys and swing by the blog on the weekend if you'd like. I'll be talking more about breaking into the comic business and even the visual effects business if there's time.

James Anthony Raiz
Joke of the Day from the Late Great Rodney Dangerfield:
"I need to lose weight, I tried doing pushups in the nude. I didn't see the mousetrap."


Nic said...

Great pic of old Anti social there!
Where there any Transformers you have a hard time drawing or just dont like to daw?

Josh said...

Ah, there's the litho. I forget what the exact # is. I took it into a framing place, and they said it was going to cost me something like $600 to frame because it's so big. I may just get it dry mounted, but I want to get it signed first. I'll have to find out when you are going to be at Fan Expo.